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Who we are

Interlaw’s policy is to offer the best possible service to its clients, with a comprehensive and responsive advice and assistance in the territory and the jurisdiction of the Republic Serbia and City of Belgrade, one of the regional major financial centres.

The firm’s constant focus on quality and responsiveness has earned Interlawa position as one of the leading players among independent law firms in the R. Serbia when it comes to commercial and financial work. Its partners are recognised as leading experts in these areas of practice.

Furthermore, the firm has gained a solid reputation and track record in the fields of tax, litigation, IP & IT, stock excange cases and employment law and has a growing practice in all its areas of expertise.

The firm's track record in large international transactions and its active involvement in international legal networks foster both the constant development of its know-how and its recognition in the international legal community.

The partners are supported by a dedicated multinational and multilingual team, that are familiar with the working in an international environment and in dealing with issues involving all kinds of aspects of international law and of European law.
People Areas of Expertise Clients Contact